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Dermalogica Shave

Great shave. Healthy skin.

There's no denying that shaving impacts skin health: ingrown hairs, irritation and redness are just some of the visible signs of trauma skin undergoes when you take a razor to it.

The Dermalogica Shave 3-step system offers a complete regimen to deliver the closest shave possible and your healthiest skin ever. Experience what the world's first fully customizable shave routine can do for skin with Dermalogica Shave.

Clean bar

skin condition all
A soap-free bar that removes impurities and breaks down surface oils without stripping skin.

Daily clean scrub

skin condition all
An exfoliating cleanser with a beard-lifting lather to help remove surface debris for clean-looking skin.

Pre-shave guard

skin condition those with heavy, coarse beards, or sensitized skin
When applied under Soothing Shave Cream, this cream maximizes beard softening while shielding and prepping skin to help minimize razor burn and bumps.

Soothing shave cream

skin condition all skin conditions, especially sensitive or sensitized skin
An ultra-lubricating shave cream that calms, soothes and helps prevent irritation brought on by shaving.

Invigorating shave gel

skin condition all skin conditions, especially oily skin
Achieve a barber-close shave with this maximum comfort, shaving gel that soothes, cools and softens. Smooth on clear formula is ideal for those who need visibility when grooming around a goatee or sideburns. Can also be slightly lathered into a foam.

Close shave oil

skin condition all
Create an instant cushion between skin and razor with this ultra-smooth shaving oil. Clear formula is ideal for those who need visibility when grooming around a goatee or sideburns.

Post-shave balm

skin condition all
So much more than an after-shave. For a cooling, refreshing burst and moisturization, apply after every shave. Also helps control oily shine.

Daily defense block spf15

skin condition all
Don't face the day without this multi-tasking, light-weight daytime lotion that defends against skin aging.

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Dermalogica Shave

Dermalogica Shave
Say hello to Clean Start,
the system of dual-action
products that bring skin
into balance!

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